Token Terrors

  • Welcome Warlords to the Battleground! Battles rage between fearsome factions on the continent of Terra, and you must command your army to crush your opponent in a savage skirmish!

    In Token Terrors: Battlegrounds, two players each draft an army of 10 Token Terrors from a variety of factions, and use them to completely eliminate their opponent's army on the 7x7 battleground grid. Through strategic movement, well-timed attacks and clever use of each factions' unique abilities, one army will conquer the Battleground, and reign victorious.

    This compact strategy battle game is deceptively simple, with remarkable strategic depth. The combat is packed with decisive choices, action point management, area control, press your luck, and sometimes a bit of puzzle-solving.

    The Token Terrors miniatures themselves, are also durable, inexpensive, dice-sized mini-monsters with a ton of character, that make great MTG token creature representations or RPG minions.


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