The Book of the Righteous 5th edition RPG

  • Similar to the popular Scene It! DVD games, Righteous! gives Latter-day Saints a fun and interactive way to learn about the people, places, and events in the Book of Mormon. The game spaces are pictures of the prophets and other individuals throughout the Book of Mormon, organized in chronological order. Players or teams roll the number die and the action die. Players first follow one of the actions, including the chance to answer a multi-play DVD question. If they answer correctly, then they move the number of spaces shown on the second die until they get to the "Seal the Deal" portion, where they will go through a special set of questions to win the game. The first player or team to "Seal the Deal" wins! An ideal family night activity.

    Adjustable Game Board
    Righteous! Dice
    Four Book of Mormon Character Game Pieces
    Stack of Golden Question Cards
    Stack of Blessed or Suppressed Cards
    Righteous! Book of Mormon Edition DVD

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