• Taelmoor is a cooperative narrative adventure game played with both physical board game pieces and a free scan-and-play mobile app. Working together, you and your friends will explore dungeons and underground lairs, talk to the strange denizens within... and sometimes fight them! Scanning QR codes on interactive objects enables a fun tabletop experience with the best parts of both a board game and a video game.
    Eight unique scenarios take you on journeys of exploration, puzzle solving, storytelling, and combat in a classic sword-and-sorcery setting. Some scenarios are one-shots and some are designed to be played sequentially with persistent characters to create a multi-part campaign. Taelmoor also adds endless replayability with two combat-centered scenarios with procedurally generated and choose-your-battle content.

    Taelmoor Board Game includes: 21 Map Tiles, 14 Passageway & Door Tiles, 20 Entity Standees, 50 Item Tokens, 6 Class Cards, 6 Combat Decks (96 cards total), 1 Party Inventory Card, 6 Quick Reference Cards, 1 Party Miniature, Custom Plastic Organizing Tray, Rulebook, 8 Narrative Scenarios, 2 Combat-Centered Scenarios and access to the Taelmoor Mobile App.

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