Starcadia Quest: Zenith Invasion

  • When a derelict cargo ship appeared on the radars, everyone thought that the day was saved - fresh new tacos were being delivered! But soon we all realized that the ship wasn’t responding to the hails, was careening towards Krier Station and wasn’t slowing down. It had to be hauled into a stop, and inside Starcadians found a surprising new threat: a race of swarming aliens quickly dubbed ‘Zeniths’ that moved efficiently and mercilessly. At least having an all-new threat should unify all Starcadians against it. Right? I mean the Crews would stop their quarreling over this, right? RIGHT?

    The Kickstarter Exclusive Zenith Invasion Enemy Set brings a new group of hungry alien enemies that can be added to any Starcadia Quest Scenario, further increasing the range of available enemies!

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