Space movers 2201

  • Universal Oversight (UO) is the government elected by the planets to police the system. The UO watches all movement through the system in an attempt to keep order. Over time it has become corrupt and evil. UO Scouts are sometimes dispatched to chase down and interrogate Movers that have been spotted delivering cargo. They are looking to confiscate anything that might be a threat to the UO’s power. If you draw the eye of the UO too often, your job will eventually become impossible. You and your fellow players must work together to deliver cargo, avoid UO Scouts and quickly handle any Events that pop up along the way.

    To win the game, you need to complete a set of five Objective Cards. These cards directly continue the story that begins in the included graphic novel Finding Liberty. (A 20-card random objective card deck will also be included with the game. Players can choose 5 cards from this deck for a fresh experience each game)

    - Unique Dice-Rolling Mechanic
    How the dice are rolled-Space Movers handles dice-rolling to complete skill checks in a whole new way. Rolls take place inside the game box on a specially designed roll board. Dice are rolled one at a time instead of all at once. For each skill needed in the check, 1 die will be rolled needing a 5 or higher for success. Since the dice are rolled 1 at a time into the box, players are encouraged to strike dice already rolled in an attempt to change the result as needed. After all the dice are rolled, one last roll is made using the blank 6 sided die. This signals the end of the skill check and is a player’s last attempt to change any previous die results.

    - Comic Book Included
    The story begins in the Comic book “Finding Liberty” that will be included with the game. Objective cards that match the Comic continue the story as you play the game.

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