Song of Ice & Fire: Umber Ravagers

  • House Umber is not renowned for its cavalry, yet what they possess is as deadly as any in Westeros. Ravagers aren’t as heavily armored as some cavalry, but they strike with unbridled fury. Allowing a line of Ravagers to charge an enemy from the flank or rear is to invite a swift and terrible death. They’re fast, efficient, and resilient. Perfect troops for the North where survival depends on swift and merciless killing strokes.

    • UNLEASH THE FURY: House Umber Ravagers, a hard-hitting cavalry unit for House Stark, strike with unbridled fury.
    • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Exquisitely detailed pre-assembled miniatures ready for immediate play and painting.
    • SWIFT AND MERCILESS: Fast, efficient, and resilient, they excel in delivering swift and merciless killing strokes.
    • FLANK AND REAR ATTACKS: Invite swift and terrible death to your enemies by charging from the flank or rear.
    • PERFECT FOR THE NORTH: In the North, survival depends on these fierce cavalry troops.

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