Fantasy Flight Runewars: Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar
Fantasy Flight Runewars: Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar

Runewars: Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar

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When the Uthuk march forth, their ranks are swelled by countless bestial creatures. Only Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar can truly compel these monstrous swarms to follow his battle commands. Whether lashing with bone whips or looming atop his hideous serpent, Th'Uk Tar drives his minions into a slaughtering frenzy.

This expansion includes everything you need to add Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar to your army.

Plastic components.

2 Figures
1 Character Diorama
1 Movement Tray
1 Command Tool
2 Unit Cards
1 Terrain Card
1 Deployment Card
1 Objective Card
13 Upgrade Cards
1 Terrain Piece
13 Assorted Tokens

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