Action phase Heroes Wanted: Elements of Danger
Action phase Heroes Wanted: Elements of Danger

Heroes Wanted: Elements of Danger

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Earth! Air! Fire! Water! Danger? Zeta City has seen its share of heroes, but none the likes of these. Elemental heroes join the fray, harnessing the very forces of nature against an all new bevy of criminal geniuses, sentient websites, and opinionated baddies!

But wait! There's more! Not only does this expansion for Heroes Wanted add a brand new hero type to your already near-infinite game play options, it also provides even more content for the other hero types in the game. Players will now have bonus cards unique to their hero, as well as never-before-seen epic actions! And the fun doesn't stop there! Elements of Danger also introduces improved basic actions to make your hero even more unique!

Be a hero. Save the day. Make the team!

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