Warhammer Chronicles NOVEL: The End Times


  • The End Times are coming.

    The Ruinous Powers of Chaos threaten to drown the world in madness. No kingdom is safe. In Sylvania, Mannfred von Carstein hopes to turn the tides of fate and battle by accomplishing what no sorcerer ever has: the resurrection of Nagash, Lord of the Undead. But there are forces at work that would stop him reviving the Great Necromancer, at any cost.

    And as the hordes of Chaos gather in the north, it falls to Reiksmarshal Kurt Helborg – reeling from the tragedy of battle – to return to the Empire’s capital of Altdorf, and prepare to meet the plague-ridden enemy in a climactic battle for the ancient city.

    This volume of The End Times saga contains the novels The Return of Nagash by Josh Reynolds and The Fall of Altdorf by Chris Wraight as well as the novella Sigmar’s Blood and three short stories.

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