Clash of Steel: British Tortoise Assault Troop

  • 1:100 Scale
    Welcome to Clash of Steel. It's 1948 and the war has started again.

    In early 1943 Allied forces began to look at what types of fortifications they were likely to encounter once they landed in Europe. It was expected that in order to defeat these positions a new type of specialist vehicle with heavy armour and a "bunker busting" gun would be required. Assault Tanks were born.

    The Tortoise was one of 18 different designs drafted over a 10 month period and submitted to the Tank Board, with an order placed for 25 vehicles to be built.

    Weighing in at over 79 tonnes, armed with an Ordnance Quick-firing (OQF) 32 pounder gun and with a heavily armoured casemate instead of a turret, production of the Tortoise was slow and World War II was over before it fired a shot in anger.

    Plastic components.

    3 Miniatures
      ‣ 3 Tortoise Tanks

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