• It's the end of the season and new ant Queens try to establish their nest in a quiet forest where the food seems abundant. Each player manages and controls a new colony of ants. It is now time to harvest food and prepare the nest for the coming winter! But beware, this must be done in accordance with the directives from the headquarters in order to get the needed resources while ensuring a key position on the territory for the next season. All that while taking into account the temperature that will sometimes give slight advantages to specific types of ants. Ready? Try to be the colony that gathers the most victory points. On your mark, ready, go!

    BrilliAnts is a flexible game where players alternatively plays one action: either lay an egg, move an ant or displace a predator. The game is separated between days and nights and a round ends when everybody has moved all their ants, laid one egg and moved a predator once. There are three types of ants in the game, warrior, engineer and farmer and three predators, a spider, a grasshopper and a worm. Each type of ant gather one type of resources, either insects, plants and the predators can each destroy tiles of those specific resources. There are three different insects, plants and types of clays.

    The game first consist of a main board where players interacts with each other by chasing prey, harvesting plants and establishing territories with pheromones. Second, all players have an individual board where they dig their nest and create new holes to move their ants faster on the surface. You'll need to choose your prey, plants or type of clay carefully to complete your objectives in time!

    Every player begins the game with a hand of three hidden objective cards. Throughout the game players will get new cards that they'll have to gather in the nest headquarters accordingly to their strategies. A maximum hand size of four objectives is set, so you'll need to manage the resources as good as you can.

    For the most advanced player, the game also includes specific player powers and specific power cards which can be played anytime during a player's turn. All participants receive five of those cards at the beginning of the game.

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