Black Seas: Spanish Navy fleet box

  • When using the National Special Rules, the Spanish Navy allows you to bring a huge level of firepower in your fleets. Spanish 1st Rates are allowed to take the Over Gunned upgrade for free adding a heavy and a light cannon to each broadside. This is not without compromise, however, as these vessels need to successfully pass a test to travel at full sails, and can never be crewed by veterans. Additionally, veterans for other ships cost more in Spanish fleets.

    This means that a Spanish Admiral will need to use extra cunning in the selection of vessels for their fleet, carefully selecting upgrades for the extremely powerful Over Gunned vessels, to offset the decreased manoeuvrability and penalty to hit. At the same time, enemy fleets will need to be extremely wary of exposing themselves to the initial broadside of a fully tooled-up Spanish 1st Rate.

    Spanish Navy Fleet


    • 3 plastic frigates
    • 6 plastic brigs
    • 3 plastic third rates
    • 1 resin first-rate
    • 1 bomb ships base
    • A selection of metal figureheads and backplates for famous Spanish Navy Ships:
      • San Juan Nepomuceno - a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
      • Neptuno - an 80 gun third-rate ship of the line
      • Montañés - a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
      • Ceres - a 40 gun frigate
      • Diana - a 34 gun frigate
      • Ninfa - a 36 gun frigate
    • Spanish Navy Flags, Sails & ratline sheets + Bobbin for Rigging
    • Game cards and wake markers

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