Ars Magica RPG: House of Hermes- True Lineages

  • Houses of Hermes: True Lineages at a Glance

    • Learn more about Houses Bonisagus, Guernicus, Mercere, and Tremere with this Ars Magicasourcebook.
    • Explore the four Houses that form the backbone of the Order.
    • Dive deeper into the politics, magics, and personalities in each House.

    A Life Dedicated to the Order: More about Houses of Hermes: True Lineages

    Discover True Lineages, the four Houses that work directly for the Order of Hermes. The magi of House Bonisagus lead and advise the Order. House Guernicus magi serve the Order as judges and investigators. House Mercere facilitates communication and trade among Order members. House Tremere provides strength in times of war.

    True Lineages details the history, training, and magical practices of each House. You'll find a variety of mechanics and story seeds to integrate into your sagas, such as the duties of a Guernicus Quaesitor, an inside look at the Redcap messengers of House Mercere, and rules for the military magic of House Tremere.

    Houses of Hermes: True Lineages: Contents

    • Chapter 1: House Bonisagus
    • Chapter 2: House Guernicus
    • Chapter 3: House Mercere
    • Chapter 4: House Tremere
    • Chapter 5: Timeline

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