Ars Magica RPG: Hermetic Projects

  • Hermetic Projects at a Glance

    • Incorporate great feats of magical power into your sagas with this Ars Magica sourcebook.
    • Provides details on six magical projects, with mechanics and story seeds.
    • Includes instructions on how to create your own feats of magic.

    The Wonders of the World: More about Hermetic Projects

    The members of the Hermetic Order have immense power at their fingertips. While some live lives of quiet contemplation and study, others bring their power to bear in great feats that change the world around them for good or ill. Bring these world-changing magics into your saga with the Hermetic Projects sourcebook.

    This book contains mechanics and story starters for six magical projects. Build a covenant inside a volcano and draw on its power. Collect magical beasts from across Mythic Europe. Raise the dead and send your grave hounds out into the world to do your bidding. These feats and more are within the reach of your magi with Hermetic Projects.

    Hermetic Projects: Contents

    • Chapter 1: Wonders of the Hermetic World
    • Chapter 2: The Burning City
    • Chapter 3: The Great Tower
    • Chapter 4: The Hermetic Shipyard
    • Chapter 5: The Intangible Assassin
    • Chapter 6: The Living Corpse
    • Chapter 7: The Menagerie of Magical Beasts

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