Ars Magica RPG: Guardians of the Forests- Rhine Tribunal

  • Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal at a Glance

    • Bring the magic-soaked lands of Mythic Germany to life with this essential Ars Magicasourcebook.
    • Delve into the rich magical traditions and history of the birthplace of the Order of Hermes. It is a land full of places of power, famous magi, archaic politics, lost glories, and more.
    • Populate your saga with characters and setting ideas. Here, famous Hermetic figures walk through faerie groves, and lost covenants and extensive libraries await your arrival.

    Birthplace of the Order: More about Guardians of the Forests

    Welcome to Mythic Germany, the birthplace of the Hermetic Order. Here, the land is rich in magical and mundane power. Faerie forests grow alongside venerable cities of the Rhineland, and powerful nobles vie with the church for power. 

    Amidst this power struggle, the magi of the Hermetic Order work in secret, visiting the Great Library of Durenmar, working to uncover the secrets of the First Tribunal, and wandering forest roads in search of ancient magical power. Visit the shores of the Rhine, and avoid the notice of the Wild Hunt. This supplement contains a sample saga: Curse of the Rhine Gorge.

    Guardians of the Forests: Contents

    • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 2: History of Mythic Germany
    • Chapter 3: Tribunal History and Customs
    • Chapter 4: The Forest
    • Chapter 5: The Rhine
    • Chapter 6: The Black Forest
    • Chapter 7: The Lowlands
    • Chapter 8: Central Germany
    • Chapter 9: The Eastern Marches
    • Chapter 10: Bohemia
    • Chapter 11: Rhine Sagas
    • Chapter 12: Curse of the Rhine Gorge
    • Appendices

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