Annihilation Zombies

  • Groks Games brings you a thrilling turn based card game where you and your friends fight off zombie hordes until there is only one survivor left standing. Use Ranged and Melee weapons to deal damage to the attacking zombies, but watch out, one of the other players may attempt to turn on you in an instant. Game includes over 180 cards, 2 D6 Dice, 20 Bite tokens, and the "Rules to live by" instruction booklet.

    OBJECTIVE: Be the last living Survivor. Help or betray your friends to survive and win!

    SETUP: There are 3 decks. The Zombie Deck, Loot Deck, and Event Deck. Shuffle each deck and place them face down. Each Survivor (player) is dealt 5 cards from the Loot Deck for their starting hand. Now you're ready to fight some zombies!

    HOW TO DIE: Each time you attack a zombie and do not kill it, the zombie bites you and you receive 1 Bite Token. If you have 5 or more Bite Tokens and you have no way of healing yourself, you die and are out of the game.

    THE LINE: The Line is where zombies go when they're revealed. The Line is how you fight multiple zombies you encounter. Zombies are set one after the other in a line in the order they are revealed. When you enter your combat phase, the first zombie in the line becomes the Active Zombie. (See Combat Phase for more information.)

    HOW YOUR TURN WORKS: If it is your turn, you are the Active Survivor. To start your turn you’ll encounter a zombie.

    ENCOUNTER PHASE: Reveal the top card of the Zombie Deck and put it on The Line.

    PREPARATION PHASE: You have a chance to play or trade Loot Cards from your hand before engaging the Active Zombie in combat. You may also ask for help and make a Contract with any Survivor(s). (See Contracts for more information.) When you’re done preparing, move to the Combat Phase.

    The first zombie in The Line becomes the Active Zombie.
    The Active Zombie or Event’s ability takes effect (if any).
    If it is a zombie card, you may try to run. (See Running section for more information.)
    If you fail to run or don’t want to, declare which weapon you're attacking with and attack the Active Zombie. (See Weapons and Combat for more information.)
    Repeat this process until all of the zombies on The Line are dead and then loot their corpses.

    Draw Loot cards for all of the zombies you have killed. (The number of loot a zombie gives is next to the treasure chest at the bottom right corner of the Zombie card.)
    Events such as Smoke Bomb and Bad Luck prevent you from receiving loot on that turn.
    Running from zombies and making contracts will change how much loot you receive.
    Survivors may play, trade, give away, or discard any cards they can before the end of a turn.

    When the Loot Deck runs out of cards to draw, do not re-shuffle the Loot Deck. Once the loot is gone, zombies are worth zero loot and you must survive with what you have!

    END OF TURN: All Survivors must discard down to 5 cards or 10 if they have an active Backpack.

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