Alma Mater

  • It's the dawn of a new age in Europe! During the early 15th century, universities are being established to challenge the influence of religion on academic studies. Little did the founders of these institutions know that this would ignite academic pursuits that would bring about a cultural revolution.

    In the early Renaissance, plyers will serve as headmasters of an emerging university. Your obvious goal is to become the most successful and prestigious institution of higher learning. To achieve these goals, you must attract exceptional students, the best teaching staff in various disciplines, and exchange knowledge with other competing schools.

    Enjoy the upcoming semester!


    1 Game Board
    4 Player Boards
    120 Plastic Books
    130 Cards
    30 Master Meeples
    49 Student Tiles
    9 Price Tiles
    28 Bookshelf Tiles
    9 Glory Tiles
    50 Coins
    1 Rulebook

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