Song of Ice & Fire: Baratheon Halberdiers

  • House Baratheon’s doctrine of heavy arms and heavier armor serves well to make their force into a walking fortress. Difficult to assault and deadly to ignore, enemies find themselves in a conundrum, particularly against lines incorporating Halberdiers. The traditional weakness against cavalry shared by most infantry is nullified. Further, a cavalry or flanking force that hesitates in their charge against the Baratheon lines opens themselves up to weaknesses that a good commander can exploit. Many creative means of destroying the enemy become available to commanders that employ Halberdiers in their composition.

    • VANGUARD DEFENDERS: Bolster your House Baratheon army with the formidable Baratheon Halberdiers unit.
    • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Exquisite pre-assembled miniatures, ready for immediate play and customization.
    • WALKING FORTRESS: House Baratheon's heavy arms and armor doctrine creates an unassailable force.
    • CAVALRY NEUTRALIZERS: Nullify the traditional weakness against cavalry with the deadly Halberdiers.
    • TACTICAL ADVANTAGE: Exploit creative means to destroy enemies with this versatile unit in your composition.

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