Orphans & Ashes

  • ased on popular fantasy web comic Looking For Group, Orphans & Ashes is a race between Cale and Richard through a burning orphanage, with orphan lives on the line! Play as Cale and do your best to rescue the orphans, or play as Richard and harvest these innocent souls before the fire gets them first.

    Every turn is divided into two phases: the action phase and the fire phase. During the action phase, you have three actions to use and six actions from which to choose: Move your pawn; Guide an orphan; Put out a fire; Stop, drop, and roll; or your character's two special actions. During the fire phase, roll to see how many fires spread, following the immutable rules of the fire phase.

    Cale's player gets to use the pawn's unique orphan-hauling grip. Cale's arms are designed to hook onto the orphans' hands, allowing our elven hero to carry the orphans he saves with him.

    Richard uses the red fire pawns that, like the yellow fire pawns going around the orphanage, clip to the base of the pawns they set on fire.

    Orphans & Ashes is a fast-paced two-player tile-laying game with push-your-luck and dexterity elements that plays in 45-60 minutes. The game contains over one hundred plastic pieces, including more miniature orphans than any other game on the market, guaranteed.

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