Living Forest

  • Four Spirits of Nature have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree attacked by the devastating flames of Onibi.
    Guardian Animals are here to help with your actions, each turn they bring precious elements.

    You can thus call as many Guardian Animals as you wish to get the best combination of elements. But beware, some solitary animals do not like getting mingled with others and they might make you loose an action!

    ★ Collecting 12 Sacred Flowers to awaken Sanki, the great Guardian of the Forest
    ★ Planting 12 different Protective Trees
    ★ Extinguishing 12 Fires to permanently repel Onibi

    • 1 Rulebook
    • 1 Circle of Spirits central board
    • 4 Forest individual boards
    • 14 starting Guardian Animal cards for each of the four Spirits of Nature
    • 23 Level 1 Guardian Animal cards
    • 16 Level 2 Guardian Animal cards
    • 12 Level 3 Guardian Animal cards
    • 23 Fire Varan cards
    • 4 Spirit of Nature standees
    • 1 Sacred Tree standee
    • 4 starting Protective Tree tiles
    • 2 Protective Tree dispensers to put together
    • 58 Fire tiles divided into 3 levels
    • 20 Fragment tiles
    • 12 Victory tiles (3 per Spirit of Nature)
    • 1 Guardian Animal board
    • 1 Fire Varan board
    • 39 Protective Tree tiles

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