Gale Force Nine Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk
Gale Force Nine Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk

Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk

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Not everyone can be judged by the company they keep. Some pursue respectable work while in the company of scoundrels. A companion in good standing with the guild, Inara Serra is a welcome sight on any planet. Shepherd Book is a wandering preacher who has fallen in with a Crew who needs tending.

This Firefly Adventures Crew Expansion Set includes two new playable crew members, three new Jobs, dn 10 new Equipment cards. All cards can be used along with the crew from the core set.

2 Casual Plastic Figures
2 Heroic Plastic Figures
1 Garden Building
11 Tokens
10 Equipment Cards
2 Crew Character Cards
2 Downed Cards
3 Job Briefings

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