Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Terrain Objective Markers 1

  • The wasteland is full of colourful creatures and people, all vying for control, supremacy, and survival. In the post-apocalyptic ruins, one man’s trash is another Deathclaw’s treasure. However, there are some trinkets, weapons, chems or even junk that is universally useful.

    Tools, solvents and oils are always in high demand. Anything from maintaining a poisonous bite to tuning up a settlement’s defences all need lubricants, wrenches and gules, and a cache of these can be key to long term survival.

    Nuka cola is refreshing and revivifying in any situation. Finding a crate of this pre-war treat means refreshment for mid and body (depending on the flavour and type). Even better, once you crack open a bottle, you get the cap – the main currency of the wasteland. Double-bubble for holding on to this red and silver treasure trove.

    As the old phrase goes, ‘All things in moderation – including moderation’. Finding ‘party boy’ in the ruins might seem like a cautionary tale and nothing more, but for the perceptive his porcelain resting place is a jackpot. Health kits and stim packs are hidden close by – as are chem injectors and inhalers. Just make sure you don’t follow his example too closely…

    More ‘wholesome’ pursuits are to be had with the Big League crate. Nothing like evoking the rural idyll of goin’ out to the ball game, or playing catch with your ol’ dad. These days nostalgia is nice, but survival is nicer, and a sturdy bat, baseball grenades, and ‘bases’ made of mines are of more use. For the inquisitive there may also be some liquid courage to be found.

    Some of the most powerful boosts and prizes in the wasteland are the least obvious. Improving what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L can be the difference between life and death, and holotapes, comics and images can go a long way towards that. Either that or you can use any junk found in this stash to fire at people or upgrade your weapons! 

    This boxed set contains five 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin objective markers, each part of unique scenic bases, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.

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