Conquest: Dweghom- Hellbringer Drake

  • In Game Role

    ●    Battlefield Role: Restricted Medium Monster
    ●    Class: Medium
    ●    Type: Monster


    Following the defeat of the Dragons, it has long been a common practice among the Dweghom Holds to capture and break
    the lesser draco-forms to service. These drakes haul the Hellbringer Cannons, weapons designed to hunt and kill dragons and
    level cities… as well as anything else unlucky enough to find itself in its line of fire.

    Box Contents

    ●    1 Plastic Monster Miniature with an alternative head
    ●    3 Plastic Riders Miniatures
    ●    1 Plastic Monster Base and Tray
    ●    1 Command Card

    Product Information

    ●    Assembly: Required. 
    ●    Material: Plastic
    ●    Scale: 38mm

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