Bolt Action: Soviet- IS-2 Heavy Tank

  • What do you do when you are told to upgrade an already giant metal monster that took a whole new generation of tank to actually deal with? You make it bigger and make it louder.The IS-2 is that very same beast, made as a competent replacement for the KV series and it was a far better designed machine than its predecessor.

    It had thick frontal armour and a huge 122mm gun, despite its size; the weight is comparable to that of the German Panther. The IS-2 was intended as a breakthrough tank so it was given a weapon suitable for such a task; and it broke through gloriously, right through the German lines and into the heart of Germany itself.

    IS-2 in Bolt Action

    Cost:256pts (inexperienced), 320pts (Regular), 384pts (Veteran).Weapons:1 turret-mounted heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG, 1 turret-mounted rear-facing MMG, and 1 forward-facing hull-mounted MMG.Damage value:10+ (Heavy Tank).Special Rules:HESlow Load

    Box Contains:

    • Enough plastic components to make the IS-2 heavy tank!
    • A detailed construction booklet.
    • Full-colour waterslide decals.
    • A 8-man squad of infantry that can used as tank riders or normal infantry!
    • A stat card which holds all the essential info you need to use your tank!
    • A set of damage markers for that real effect!

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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