Battletech: Inner Sphere Striker Lance*

  • Fight For Your Future!

    Reeling from the Clan's brutal invasion, the Inner Sphere must rally. This is a fight for your family, your freedoms, your future!

    Each Inner Sphere ForcePack includes four high-quality, fully assembled BattleMechs, four Alpha Strike cards, and four pilot cards.


    • Inner Sphere Command Lance: Marauder, Archer, Valkyrie, and Stinger
    • Inner Sphere Battle Lance: Warhammer, Rifleman, Phoenix Hawk, and Wasp
    • Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lance: Atlas, Marauder II, Orion, andCrusader
    • Inner Sphere Heavy Lance: Banshee, Grasshopper, Centurion, Hatchetman
    • Inner Sphere Striker Lance: Blackjack, Jenner, Panther, Wolfhound
    • Inner Sphere Fire Lance: Longbow, Stalker, Zues, Trebuchet
    • Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance: Nightstar, Cataphract, Axeman, Bushwacker
    • Inner Sphere Urban Lance: Victor, Enforcer, Hunchback, andRaven
    • Inner Sphere Support Lance: Cyclops, Thug, Dragon, Spider

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