Batman Arkham Knight Campaign Book

  • Arkham Knight is the first campaign supplement for the Batman Miniature Game. This 132-page, full-colour book is the ultimate toolbox for devising, organizing and running your own campaigns with your friends, transforming your games from one-off encounters to a series of linked adventures, where every result counts towards ultimate victory or crushing defeat.

    What is a Campaign?

    At its most basic, a campaign is simply a series of linked battles between two or more players. The result of each game has an effect on the next, giving the winner an advantage in the later stages of the campaign. Inside the Arkham Knight Campaign book, you’ll find rules and guidelines for creating and running campaigns – taking your one-shot games and instead playing a series of linked scenarios, with ultimate victory coming to the crew that achieves its long-term goals. Everything from organizing a campaign to forming alliances or playing multiplayer games is covered, making this your one-stop source of campaign material.

    Not only that, but within these pages you will find a complete, ready-to-run narrative campaign, recreating the Arkham Knight saga from the thrilling finale of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, and giving you the chance to save or destroy Gotham City. Want to see what would happen if the Arkham Knight defeated Batman? Or if the Scarecrow became the most powerful crime-lord in Gotham? Now’s your chance! Every scenario in the campaign also comes with suggestions for alternative participants – so even if you don’t have the right models to play the Arkham Knight storyline, you can still play the campaign with the models in your collection. You can even use the scenarios as standalone ones if you want to, adding even more variety to your games!

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