Ars Magica RPG: Faerie

  • Realms of Power: Faerie at a Glance

    • Dive into the Faerie realm of power with this Ars Magica sourcebook.
    • Create Faerie characters for use as player characters or NPCs.
    • Adventure in lands populated with Faerie characters and magics using storytelling guidelines and tools.

    The Good Folk: More about Realms of Power: Faerie

    Superstitions about the Faerie abound, and as any good scholar knows, most superstitions are somehow rooted in truth. Faerie creatures do lurk at the edges of human comprehension, and the most astute magus might just spot them if they look hard enough. 

    Beware, because bargaining with Faeriekind is a dangerous sport. After all, the Faeries of Mythic Europe feed on the vitality of mortals. They are creatures of story, and their stories must go on.

    In Realms of Power: Faerie, learn more about the enigmatic fae, with rules for creating Faerie characters for play or to serve as adversaries. Explore new mechanics for Faerie blood, Virtues and Flaws specific to Faerie characters, and Faerie magics such as bargaining, dreaming, and beguiling.

     As with the other Realms of Power sourcebooks, Realms of Power: Faerie offers plenty of story seeds and Storyguiding advice to make adventuring in the Faerie realm as easy as possible.

    Realms of Power: Faerie: Contents

    • Chapter 1: Dreams and Nightmares
    • Chapter 2: Nature of Faerie
    • Chapter 3: The Faerie Realm
    • Chapter 4: Faerie Characters
    • Chapter 5: Faerie Bestiary
    • Chapter 6: Touches of Faerie
    • Chapter 7: Faerie Wizardry
    • Chapter 8: Telling Faerie Stories
    • Appendix: Bibliography

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